Welcome to my musings on methodology! Methodology keeps me awake at night. Not in a bad way – I don’t have methodological nightmares – it’s just that in the peace and quiet and darkness I start to ponder my research projects and those of my PhD students and I get to thinking about methodology. I find it fascinating – it is the heart of all research projects. (I do eventually get to sleep.)

But I know that not everyone finds methodology so interesting, exciting and enjoyable. Some people struggle with it and find it dull, difficult and full of jargon. OK, so it is full of jargon. But we need the vocabulary of methodology to help explain it. As I had found in my teaching and supervision that methodology seemed to be intrinsically off-putting to many students, I decided to write a blog about it in an attempt to make it more accessible. Please do feel free to comment on the blog posts or to email me with questions or ideas for future content at a.lawson@derby.ac.uk.